Gamer Focused, Developer Inspired
Designed from the ground up, the PlayStation 4, is built to deliver the best games and immersive and fulfilling content, to reach PlayStation gamers.
Thanks to the PlayStation 4 system architecture and ease of development, developers will be able to harness the power of the PlayStation 4 much easier and also allow their games to connect to a larger world of experiences offered by PlayStation on consoles, mobile spaces and PlayStation Network.

Shared Game Experiences
At the heart of the PlayStation 4 experience is social interaction. Gamers can seamlessly upload gameplay footage at the touch of a button thanks to the DualShock 4’s Share button. Enabling you to show off your gaming skills or show fellow gamers where you’re stuck or overcame certain obstacles. You can even share your gaming highlights on Social Networks such as Facebook.

Also Thanks to Ustream, players can broadcast their gameplay in real-time to friends, during these broadcasts friends can make comments and, where possible, join the game to help a player out.

PS4 Second Screen
For those who like to keep their games going even when they’re not by their PS4 will be happy to hear how PlayStation integrates second screens. Smartphones, Tablets but more importantly the PlayStation Vita, can all be used as Second Screens to keep you in touch with your games where ever you are.

But the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita will truly unlock the potential of “Remote Play” as with PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly pull PS4 titles from their living room TVs and play them on PS Vita’s beautiful 5-inch display and intuitive dual analog sticks over Wi-Fi networks, it’s Sony’s vision to see most PS4 playable on PS Vita.

Immediate Gameplay
The PlayStation 4 is aiming to eliminate the time it takes for current consoles to boot and load a save file. PS4 features a “Suspend Mode” which keeps the system running in a low power mode preserving the game session, with a touch of the power button gamers are promptly dropped back into the game where they left off.

Personalized Content
On the all new PlayStation 4 menu screen, gamers will see game information shared by friends, view friends gameplay or get information on recommended content based on what you do. Also to reduce download times, if the PlayStation 4 learn’s enough about the player it will predict the next game they will purchase, download it so that it is ready for you to hit the Buy button and begin playing.

Gaming in the Cloud
By combining PlayStation Network with Gaikai Inc’s cloud technology, it is SCE’s goal to make free exploration possible for various games. In the future, when a gamer sees a title of interest in PlayStation Store, they can immediately start playing a portion of the actual game - not a stripped down version of the game. With Gaikai and PlayStation Store, gamers will be able to experience appealing games and only pay for the games they actually love. PlayStation

Network and the cloud will offer additional value to PlayStation gamers. SCE is exploring unique opportunities enabled by cloud technology with the long-term vision of making PlayStation libraries including an incredible catalog of more than 3000 PS3 titles*6 that is unmatched in the industry, mostly ubiquitous on PS4.

DualShock 4

Sony's much-loved controller undergoes a transformation as the Dualshock 3 evolves into the Dualshock 4, giving gamers more ways to control their games.

Keeping things familiar Sony has not changed the initial shape much and the iconic Square, Triangle, Circle and Cross buttons return along with the familiar shoulder buttons and the dual analog sticks and the D-Pad.

But new to this pad is the Touch Pad and the share button. This touchpad will be used to interact with games in new and exciting ways, again breaking the barrier between the player and the game. The share button will allow gamers to share screenshots and gameplay footage on the fly, with breaking the gaming experience.