Looks like a bargain for £2.99. Make your iPad look like an old schol style Macintosh!


Whilst there are many things that were better in the 80s than they are today - a lot of music, films and sometimes even hairstyles (maybe!) - but one thing that is guaranteed to be far superior today is technology. That's not to say we can't appreciate where it came from though, and that is exactly what this cover for the iPad 2/3 encapsulates!

The Padintosh Cover for iPad 2 and 3 pays homage to the very roots of Apple's beginnings, the good old Macintosh 128k computer. The juxtaposition of old and new - that floppy disc drive - is brilliant in this retro throwback for the height of technology in the Noughties!

The quirky styling on this plastic iPad cover means you'll be turning heads for all the right reasons when you whip this out on the train, at school or work.