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Keep up to three PCs and 3 mobile devices safe without the worry of virus or malware infection with McAfee Internet Security & Mobile Bundle 2015, and get the most out of the web.

Protecting your data

Whether you want to protect your favourite photos, tax records or something else, you can back them up to protected online storage. It is password protected and encrypted, so you can be sure your data is safe.   The intuitive touchscreen can be accessed just as easily with trackpad and mouse or with touch controls so navigating your security options stays nice and easy, whatever system you are using. 

Spam and scam

If you're fed up with your email inbox filling up with junk mail, Internet Security 2015 could be the answer to your problems. Spam filters help to stop you from receiving intrusive attachments and links that may allow viruses and worms to access your PC. 

Advanced spam filters and active analysis help to protect your PC against being spammed.

Preventing disaster

If you spend your life on your PC, you wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to it, which is whereInternet Security & Mobile Bundle 2015 can help. It helps to protect your PC from common problems such as viruses, spyware, malware and Trojans that try to sneak their way onto your system.

It works in real time, so threats are blocked as soon as they rear their head on your system.

Protecting your family

It can be difficult to monitor what your children have access to online, but with Internet Security 2015 you can set rules that judge the age range and category of the page so your kids can use the internet safely. Text alerts can keep you informed if someone tries to access a restricted site as well as set time limits that allow you to limit the time your children spend on the internet and protecting them with extensive site and social media filtering while they are online.

File protection 

You can securely destroy files for good with the McAfee Shredder; sometimes the recycling bin just isn't enough. The shredder tool makes sure your files are permanently deleted.

The software uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology to ensure sensitive files are fully shielded if your PC is lost, stolen or hacked.

Mobile security

You can safeguard your most personal information from dodgy apps and other possible threats.

What's more, you can find and protect your mobile device if it's lost or stolen. Locate the device and display an online message to improve the chances of it being returned.

Use McAfee Internet Security & Mobile Bundle 2015 to keep hackers, viruses and any suspicious threats away from your PC and mobile.

NB: Please note that this is an activation key only and you will need to download the software. A CD is not provided.

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