This is a simple coffee maker without the LCD screens or fancy features, it just makes coffee. We have one for when we just want a quick coffee and it works well. It isn't as simple as some of the capsule ones but it is also less than £10!


The Logik L12FCB12 Coffee Maker is a simple and no-nonsense appliance that will deliver warm, aromatic coffee on time, every time.  

Ready when you are

The L12FCB12 delivers the perfect cup of coffee by utilising a non-drip valve and a handy keep warm function meaning it will be ready and waiting for you when you need that hot cup of coffee.

The 1.25 litre filter has a great capacity of 10 cups, and with its removable capabilities this efficient coffee maker is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a bad cup of coffee never passes your lips.

Perfectly simple

The L12FCB12 is wrapped up in an easy to wipe stainless steel design, with a fully integrated digital display informing you of what stage in the coffee making process it is at. The coffee jug is made out of glass and on the side of the filter tank there are cup markings from 1 to 10, to ensure you don't waste water. 

For the classic approach to getting your early morning caffeine fix the Logik L12FCB12 Coffee Maker is the perfect choice for your everyday coffee needs.