50-inch Plasma is a great-looking TV and for this price it's impossible to ignore

The LG 50PB690V 3D Plasma television is a timely reminder of how good plasma-screen technology has always been, and at this kind of price, it might just be the best bargain this year.

When it comes to plasma displays, the bigger the screen the better, so with this LG flatscreen telly boasting a 50" one, it's a great way to see a plasma picture in all its glory. The LG 50PB690V comes with Freeview HD too, so you get a good selection of HD content to enjoy straight out of the box.

Onboard WiFi means you can quickly hop onto the internet with the LG 50PB690V and delve into its smart TV functions. So that means catch-up TV, like BBC iPlayer and ITV Player and access to on-demand movies though NetFlix, NOW TV, Blinkbox and various other apps are there for to explore.

This is a TV that will impress family and friends alike

Sound is crisp and clear thanks to the 2.0 channel speaker system however, if you really want to up the ante, nothing can compete with the depth and power you get from an additional, external 5.1 audio set-up. You can also add a sound bar to your system which offers a great middle ground alternative over 5.1, costing less, and being less hassle to set-up.

Connectivity-wise, the LG 50PB690V has a raft of options including 2 HDMI as well as a single SCART. You can also connect your USB drive or an external hard drive to view content like TV, movies or your holiday snaps.

At a time when LED TVs are now the market leader, excellent, big-screened Plasma smart TVs can now be picked up for a song. The LG 50PB690V 3D Plasma television is one such example.

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