Trying to hunt down a real unicorn is a long and thankless task. It's time you accepted defeat (seriously, it's getting weird now) and knitted your own Unicorn Trophy. 

This majestic creature was dreamt up by Sincerely Louise, a Brixton-based creative who designs her own faux-taxidermy animal patterns and holds regular knitting workshops in her studio.

Aimed at beginner to intermediate knitters, the hand-assembled kit uses chunky acrylic yarn to bring this beautiful steed to life – well, sort of, it's fictional AND it's just the head after all. 

With such thick wool and easy-to-follow patterns you get to see results super fast – the kit even includes a handy wooden back board so you can mount this fabulous beast on the wall when you're finished.

Product Features:

  • Knit your own mythical Unicorn

  • Comes hand-packed in a printed hessian bag

  • Created by Etsy People's Choice Award winner, Sincerely Louise

  • The kit is aimed at beginner to intermediate knitters

  • Hessian Bag contains: Step-by-step instructions, patterns, 430g yarn, 200g stuffing, 9mm bamboo needles, 2x 24mm toy safety eyes, laser cut MDF backing board, fishing wire (for hanging)


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