This is an amazing deal for a 2TB NAS drive with Gigabit. I paid about £130 for my 3TB WD Mybooklive but that only has a 100 port so it is quite slow when streaming things from it or running backups so this would fly I think.

Freecom 2TB Network Drive XS, with Ethernet and USB connectivity Computer networks these days are not limited to big offices with a lot of employees. More and more people at home or in small offices have a computer network. With the recent programmes, applications and data files becoming larger and larger, the need for additional storage space is more present than ever before!

Key Features

Centralized network storage - add extra storage capacity to your network

Can also be used as fast, portable USB 2.0 external hard drive

Easy confi guration in your network via network configuration assistant

Rubber enclosure, reduces vibration

Gigabit LAN for ultra fast network data transfer speed