From Turtle Rock Studios, creators of Left 4 Dead, comes Evolve, the next generation of multiplayer shooters where four Hunters face off against a single, player-controlled monster in adrenaline-pumping 4v1 matches.

  • Suitable for the Xbox One.
  • This game is classified as certificate 18. It contains content unsuitable for persons under 18 years old. It is illegal to supply it to anyone under that age. DO NOT attempt to purchase the item if you are under 18.
  • Features 4 game modes: Hunt, where hunters are called in to eliminate a single monster. The monster flees, kills wildlife and easts to gain energy and the hunters must track, trap and kill the monster before it gets too big.Nest, where the hunters are called in to destroy Monster eggs that have been discovered in the area. The Alpha Monster must defend the eggs and can even hatch one to gain a Goliath minion to help.
  • Rescue, where the hunters are called in for a search and rescue mission. A monster has attacked the facility and groups of colonists have fled into the wilderness. Hunters need to locate, revive and lead the survivors to safety while the Monster tries to hunt them. Defend, where the transport ship is loaded with civilians and the hunters have to defend the launch pad against hordes of Goliath minions and an Alpha Monster.
  • Grab three friends and hunt the monster or stalk the humans as the evolving beast. There are 4 classes of hunter, trapper, support, assault or medic. Teamwork is key to your survival. As the Monster, you are the boss battle. Use your abilities and animalistic sense to wreak havoc, kill the humans and prove your dominance. As both the hunters and the monster, you can level up to unlock new upgrades, skins and perks for each class. Offline mode available for those who prefer to play the game solo.
  • For ages 16 years and over.
  • EAN: 5026555269902.
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