I think my neighbours could do with one of these for their dog! I saw this come through in a Mighty Deals newsletter so thought I would share it with the pet owners on here.

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Yes, it’s natural for dogs to bark – it’s a way for them to communicate with us. But if your pooch just won’t stop, even after your command, or keeps you up all night with an incessant din, then it’s time to take steps to address the situation. Shouting at him won’t work – your dog will think you’re barking too and it will make it worse. Instead, try this Stop Bark Collar. For just £9.99 you could be saying goodbye to those bark-induced headaches in no time.

This Stop Bark Collar works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking. It doesn’t hurt them,, but dogs quickly learn that their barking causes this irritating sound and understand they need to stop barking to stop the noise. It’s triggered by the vibration of their bark, so you can rest assured other noises won't set it off.

The collar is waterproof, ideal if your furry friend likes to take a dip in the village pond, and offers an adjustable fit designed to suit most sizes. Take control of your dog’s barking; click to ‘Buy Now’ and train them, in a humane way, when not to bark.

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