Great bit of kit for the price. Stock is Limited! FREE DELIVERY!

This electronic shisha kit comes with a pouch, charger, lanyard and suction holder plus an array of fruity flavoured refills.

Choose from the following options for ‘Diamond Mist’ e-shisha kit in black, red, blue, silver, pink or white, distributed by Brennan Atkinson International Limited:

  • £19.99 for 10-piece kit (50% off)
  • £22.99 for 12-piece kit (54% off)
  • £25.49 for 14-piece kit (58% off)

The Specifics

  • Each kit includes: pouch, USB charger, battery, E-Shisha, instructions, suction holder and clearomiser
  • Random assortment of fruit flavours including cherry, strawberry and banana
  • 10-piece kit comes with two 10ml fluids
  • 12-piece kit comes with four 10ml fluids
  • 14-piece kit comes with six 10ml fluids