Perfect gift for mothers day this Sunday!

The Dear Mum - From You to Me Book answers all the questions you wanted to know about your mum but never thought to ask.

The book is made up of questions for your mum to answer. The questions are intended for your mum to reflect on her life so far, her memories, feelings, likes and dislikes. When she has completed the book she can then give it back to you!

Each turn of the page will reveal a new question with space on the facing page for your mum to put photographs if she wants to. The journal will be cherished forever and will be enjoyed by generations to come.

There are around 60 questions in the journal including:

Tell me about the time and place you were born

What were your favourite childhood toys or games?

What would you do for a night out when you were dating?

Tell me about a special piece of music that you and Dad had ‘just for you’

Before I was born, what other names had you thought of calling me?

What was the first word or words you remember me saying?

What are the happiest or greatest memories of your life?

What are a few of your favourite things?

If you were an animal, what type of animal would you be, and why?

Describe something you still want to achieve in your life

Tell me about the things that have made you happy or laugh

Given your experiences, what piece of advice would you like to offer me?

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