This Zhuzh product allows your skin to tan naturally, but it can be at an accelerated pace. That can mean less time in the sun, while still being able to achieve a tan.

Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator is formulated and designed to work with your skin to achieve a great tan. Melanin production is naturally a slow process, so if you find it takes you a long time to tan, using Zhuzh! Accelerator could help to accelerate the tanning process.

It works in conjunction with indoor or outdoor tanning. When tanning, always use an SPF cream to safe tan, and remember to re-apply SPF cream throughout the day.

Results may vary.

This Product Has NO SPF Factor,  Sun Protection should be worn with this product.


  • 2 x Tan Accelerator 200ml

  • 1 x Zhuzhette! 100ml

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